Promoting a Vibrant Civil Society in Hong Kong through General Education


Our Purpose
The Hong Kong General Education Initiative aims to support Hong Kong universities' efforts to develop exemplary general education curriculum as they prepare to introduce the year-2012 four-year undergraduate degree programs. Liberal arts education is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values they will need to sustain Hong Kong's rich quality of life and high level of social freedom.
Our Rational
While the current three-year undergraduate degree programs might have met British Colonial needs by providing students with top-notch education in an academic specialty or profession, or prepared them for places in the colonial civil service, today's graduates need much, much more. They need a curriculum that will help strengthen their personal identity and sense of efficacy, while providing them with ability to be participating members of Hong Kong's evolving civil society.

The Value of Liberal Arts/General Education
HKGEI is based on the belief that the purpose of a liberal arts/general education curriculum is to:

Provide students with knowledge and understanding of the challenges that threaten global stability, such as climate change and global warming, public health, unequal resource utilization and distribution of wealth, and religious and ethnic conflict.

Help students to achieve target learning outcomes and competencies, skills such as communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship, information technology, and collaboration and cooperation.

Enable students to question values that are contrary to those that promote self-responsibility, tolerance, and moral behavior; and to reinforce values and attitudes that motivate people to actively engage in activities aimed at solving personal, inter-personal, community, and global problems.

Principle Donor

The Hong Kong General Education Initiative was made possible due to the generous donation by Po Chung. Mr. Chung is committed to academic freedom and the positive influence that a liberal arts education can have on a on a population�s students, cultural and political climate, as well as the development of tomorrow�s leaders.

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